Thursday, April 17, 2014

Need, Metal For Cancer Allstars, Eclipse Hunter, Ofsoski, Chambers Of Insanity, Aeons Confer, Life Love Misery, Routes, The Curf, Thought Converter, Coma Curve, Bishop Lake, Daz Of Oz, Moist Melodies, The Foreign Films, Flux A.D., Showroom, Live Alive, Hollywood Sinners, Murder Party!, Sacklunch, Derek Moment, Japhlet Bire Attias, Leagues, and Destiny Studios Nashville's "The Cover Up" sessions

Today’s listening pleasure… a lot of stuff to share before Easter weekend. There is something for everybody today from power-metal to stoner-metal to hardrock to indie-rock to punk to psychedelic prog folk to instrumental stix to pop-folk. Should be enough to stream on through the weekend!

[the end.]