Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Shooting Prompts Legislation To Study Violent Video Games

Yes, you read that headline right.

Adam Lanza was a gamer, so that must be the reason he did it. And we already know that guns are what made him do it, too. What's next? He listened to death metal or gangsta rap, so there'll be legislation to study violence in song lyrics? He watched Braveheart, Gladiator, The Patriot, Kill Bill, and Saw, so there'll be legislation to study violence in movies and television?

There are millions of kids (and adults, men and women) that play video games, listen to "adult" lyrics, and read or watch violent books and movies, but we're not surrounded by a horde of murderers. I listen to heavy music and love a good action flic, by I could never do what Adam Lanza did. I don't have it in me. Most people don't have that type of confusion and hate in them.

I understand that it's part of the morning process; people want "a reason," people want to help prevent another tragedy. But we need to stop spending taxpayer dollars on finding a scapegoat.

Adam Lanza is to blame. He chose a weapon (was a gun, but could have been a sword or bomb) and committed an unspeakable act, just as others have unfortunately done throughout history.

Maybe friends and family could have seen the signs of what was to come and gotten him help, but each person is responsible for their own path, whether it is one of love or destruction.

I know that's not easy for some people to read, and some of my friends may be angered but this post, but that's how I feel, this is what I believe to be true. Life is hard, and the only person that can make it easier, make you happy, is yourself, with a little help from friends, family, and when necessary, professionals.

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