Friday, December 21, 2012

Virtues, the importance of patience and foregiveness

The most important virtues of all are patience and forgiveness, and neither of these virtues is easy to hold onto and practice every hour of every day.

Some would say that love is a virtue, but without patience, you put your own wants ahead of another person's, which is a primary barrier to true love. Without patience, personal greed and selfishness takes over. Greed and selfishness destroys relationships because it puts yourself before the person you supposedly love. Patience is the virtue that keeps greed and selfishness at bay and permits love to walk in.

Forgiveness is the virtue that keeps hate and misunderstanding outside, and allows one be empathetic and understanding. Without forgiveness, how can two people or two parties come together to have actual discussion, make important and justified decisions, and compromise for the the greater good of the relationship and the people around them? Lack of forgiveness leads to loneliness or worse, revenge and spite. Lack of forgiveness is what tips the balance toward rash reactions, confusion, sadness, and a cascade of ill decisions going forward.

The most important virtues of all are patience and forgiveness. Live your life, your days with these virtues in place. It won't be easy, especially since many people you'll encounter throughout the day, at work, in stores, or even at home, fail to remember the importance of practicing them, if they even recognize these virtues and the meaning of them. But how you carry yourself is your own doing. What you do today and in life is of your own control, your own responsibility.

Live with patience and forgiveness, and those you care about will respond in kind.

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