Monday, August 12, 2013

Drunken geniuses, 21 Eyes Of Ruby, Progify, Phil Baheux, methane bomb, (lack of) privacy, darknet, and Mars colonization

Fun weekend with wife’s family, but my 30-something body doesn’t recover well from sleeping in a bed other than my own. I remember the days of youth where I could pass out on a hard floor and feel 99.9% rested in the morning. Oh well!

Speaking of my youth, new studies suggest that the higher your IQ at age 16, the more alcohol you’ll consume as an adult. Guess that explains at lot. ;) Infographic here.

#nowplaying 21 Eyes Of Ruby discography … one of the best indie, modestly progressive, heavy rock bands that nobody has ever heard of, yet. Seriously, just an amazing band and amazing collection of studio albums and songs. And the live concert video on YouTube just shows another dynamic of this band. One of my new favorite bands.

I’m a big fan of (and Classic) for its simple focused function as an album streaming website for progressive rock and metal music. Well now Prog-Sphere has released a competitor (or complement?) website at Check it out.

R.I.P. Phil Baheux, drummer of Belgian heavy metal band Channel Zero ... only 45 years old!

Nothing says heavy metal like a 50-gigaton methane bomb emanating from Russia (Siberia, actually), right? Well, since the rate of global warming has slowed down over recent years, thus leading to less media coverage, alarmists needed a more extreme catastrophe to rally with.

For all you conspiracy theorists out there, just as the NSA announces that they are firing 90% of their IT system administration staff, President Obama announced plans for the government’s spying and surveillance programs and activities to be more “transparent” to the public going forward. And while the government plays post-Snowden and post-Prism C.Y.A., Kim Dotcom of fame has vowed to create usable encrypted email for the masses. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m not engaged in any activity the government actually would care about. I’m not plotting harm anything or anybody. So, whatever.

But if you feel like just need to get away from Big Brother and you’re not tech savvy enough to hangout below the surface in the darknet, here’s a new option for you: How about a free one-way trip to Mars? The waitinglist is already up to 100,000. That many people are willing to leave their terrestrial friends and family at an attempt to colonize a cold, rusty dust-bowl devoid of usable water and vegetation, where no amount of sunblock is going to prevent an immediate sunburn!

Mars One

Mars One

[the end]

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