Monday, August 05, 2013

Mountain Dew KickStart, my idea for a TV commercial

After drinking a Mountain Dew KickStart for the first time ever and people around me noticing my increased, almost obnoxious activity level and chattering, I immediately came up with an idea for a television or YouTube commercial for the drink. I emailed PepsiCo inquiring about how to submit my idea, but as suspected, their contractual agreements with their creative advertising agencies prevent the submission of outside ideas. Can you say, "Lame!" or "Closed minded," or "Big mistake?" I say, "Your loss." Below was my idea, saving to this blog and Google's caches for eternity...

Setting: A team of 5 thirty-something technology and graphic design professionals in business-casual clothing sitting in an all-day collaboration session for five days in an open meeting area on 5th floor of an office building in San Ramon, CA in July on a sunny, dry day with Mt. Diablo visible outside the office windows.

The Story…

After a long night of connection flights from the East Coast to California and little sleep, Wes and Doug drive from the airport to their company’s location in San Ramon, CA. After a couple hours of meetings and working sessions, Wes and Doug are both fading, losing focus. Wes walks over to the breakroom and looks at all the juice, soda, and water options.

“What’s this?” Wes asks himself as he reaches into the drink fridge and pulls out a Mountain Dew KickStart, fruit punch flavor. “I’ve never had one of these before.”

Wes sits back down in meeting and starts to gulp back the KickStart. Half the people in the meeting look at Wes with annoyance for stepping out of the meeting to grab a beverage, but the other half look at Wes like they know something is going to happen, like they’ve seen this scenario play out before.

As Wes finishes the can of KickStart, the team takes a break, leaving Wes and Doug at the meeting table. All the sudden, Doug notices Wes perk up. Wes looks out the window at beautiful Mt. Diablo in the near distance.

“I’ll be back,” proclaims Wes.

Doug looks out the window and sees Wes running, with his work clothes still on, through the office parking lot, across a baseball field, and several streets, bee-lining it for Mt. Diablo. In the distance, you see a man effortlessly walking up and climbing up the nearest side of Mt. Diablo. The man reaches the top of Mt. Diablo in what seems like only minutes and proceeds to climb the weather station tower on top of Mt. Diablo.

The others return to the meeting space and, curious of what Doug is looking at, themselves look at the window. “Is that Wes?”

“Sure is,” answers Doug.

Just then, Wes is at the very top of the weather tower doing a horizontal flag stand from the side of the tower. Half the team, including Doug, look on with astonishment, but one team member looks at the table and says, “Wes had a KickStart, didn’t he?”

Doug runs off to get his own can of KickStart.

Wes immediately returns to office building and meeting space, with no sign of dirt or sweat, just invigorated. “Are we ready to get started again?” proclaims Wes.

[the end.]

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