Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carrie Underwood going prog?, Travis best single yet, and my 3-year-old likes Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Joan Osborne

I really like the new single, "Reminder," from Travis. Probably one of their best songs yet.

My 3-year-old loves singing the choruses to Judas Priest "Breaking The Law"...

...and AC/DC "Highway To Hell," so there's some hope for her yet!

But she also likes humming along to Joan Osborne "One Of Us," which I cannot fault her for. It is a classic 1990s one-hit-wonder!

[the end.]

Friday, September 06, 2013

Children Of Bodom, Bring Me The Horizon, Slayer, Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold, and Katy Perry

Sirius XM Liquid Metal started off my morning commute in fine glory.

Children Of Bodom dropping their hybrid of melodic Euro power-metal and death metal on "Chokehold."

Then one of my new favorite songs, "Antivist" by Bring Me The Horizon. The vocals and lyrics are just so in-your-face, you can't help but sing along.

United, we'll fail.
Divided, we'll fall.
United, we'll fail.
We're fucked, but you're making it worse!
Middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck.
I'm sick to death of swallowing every single thing I'm fed.
Middle fingers up, if you don't give a fuck!
You think you're changing anything? Question everything.

And then like the end of a powerful trilogy, the almighty and legendary Slayer with "Killing Fields," a song that is so true to Slayer's sound, it could have been on any Slayer album from the past three decades.

I was afraid that the awesomeness could not possibly continue, or if it did, it would crush me, so I switched to the Octane channel, only to continue the awesomeness with Five Finger Death Punch and Rob Halford on "Life Me Up." I love this song. But I survived the crushing, energized for work and ready to bang my head and pump my fist another day.

Congratulations to Avenged Sevenfold for having their new album, "Hail To The King," debut on the Billboard charts at #1 ... heavy metal is back with a vengeance!

And while Katy Perry's cutsie pop-rock melodies doesn't fit in with the above, she sure looks damn fine singing it ... Roar, indeed!

[the end.]