Friday, August 26, 2016

Metallica, Noble Lie, Strident, Within Silence, Utopian Trap, Crimson Wind, Widlerun, Dramatic Lunacy, Josh Kay, Tilted Axes, Wet Rabbit, Projection, Static Jacks, and Random Forest

Today’s menu?

Metallica is back with authority!

Free download! Hardcore metal with slight nods to prog and djent. \m/

First time in a long time that I have enjoyed listening to a melodic power-metal album from beginning to end. \m/

Excellent folk-metal with progressive and symphonic passages, plus mix of clean and rough vocals.

Free download! Guitar shred harkening back to the glory days of Steve Vai or Shrapnel Records. \m/

Timeless instrumental guitar. Previous 2 albums are free downloads!

Solid prog-rock from Netherlands.

Free download! Quality instrumental ambient post-rock.

[the end.]

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