Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lightfields, An Endless Sporadic, Disappearer, Emerald Mind, Trust No One, Mozarteffect, Vinum Sabbatum, Witchtrap, Coalition, Maxwell Bojarzin, T3rra-Bull, and Mangata

Today’s menu?

Free download! Modern rock from RVA.

Back with their best album yet and a slew of guests, this is instrumental prog rock & metal at its most balanced and professional.

Excellent modern prog rock/metal with post, space, and doom influences.

Symphonic power-metal with female opera vocals.

With 48 albums on Bandcamp, this post-prog band is just unstoppable and worth every listen. Usually instrumental, you’ll get some post-wave vocals on this latest release.

Free download! Modern prog-rock.

Free download! Classic 70s rock sound with heavy doom influence. New album coming out in November 2016.

Classic NWOBHM!

Generic sounding AOR prog-rock. New album coming out in October 2016.

Free download! Instrumental post rock/metal.

Free download! Instrumental prog-rock with djent and fusion influences.

Free download! Instrumental djent.

[the end.]

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