Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ragdoll, Tarzandragon, The Silent Low, Hush, Moros Nyx, Weaponlord, ThunderShield, Grimgotts, and Narthex A.D.

Today’s menu?

Excellent and classic sounding late-80s/early-90s hard rock.

Excellent modern hard rock.

Free download! Really good modern hard rock.

Free download! French true-metal.

Power-metal from Chicago. If you like Nocturnal Rites, you’ll like this.

Free download! Seattle producing NWOBHM? And it’s good.

Free download! U.S. melodic power-metal.

Free download! Symphonic power-metal with dramatic vocals.

Free download! Instrumental and progressive power-metal.

[the end.]

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