Saturday, October 08, 2016

Prophets Of Rage, Metallica, Tear Them Down, Hemina, Soul Solitude, Prognois, Guy Hatton, Watchtower, Diamond Mind, Blue Of Colors, and Andrew Rubin & Jon Anderson

Today’s menu?

Members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. This is want we have been training for folks!

Second single from the new album and I’m hooked. I haven’t really enjoyed a Metallica album since ReLoad. But these new songs have the production and sound engineering of the black album and the Load albums; the fluid guitar of Justice and the black album; and Lars’ drumming hasn’t been this driving and dynamic since Justice. Cannot wait to hear the whole album.

Punk. Yes please!

This melodic prog-metal band from Sydney, Australia just gets better with each release.

Melodic prog-metal from Brisbane, Australia this time. Something delicious is brewing in this genre down under!

Very good melodic metal from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Incredible from instrumental prog-rock from a former member of Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive?

Straight-up rock with influences from garage rock and The Beatles.

Pop rock with hooks, hooks, hooks!

Some lite, but good indie rock for a change

And we close with just raw guitar talent.

[the end.]

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