Sunday, December 04, 2016

Revel In Dimes, Rosie, Samiam, Sea Of Storms, Park Sparrows, Plini, Mendel, Angel Vivaldi, We Are The Catalyst, Recode The Subliminal, Logical Terror, I Built The Sky, Illumina A.D., Hemina, Blackthorn, and Metamorphestra

Today’s menu?

Soul rock’n’roll.

Melodic punk-edged modern rock from Berkeley, California.

Free download! Punk-edged indie modern rock from RVA.

Free download! Punk rock, plain and simple, and from RVA.

One of the best in ambient djent. Hands down.


Shred guitar.

Excellent modern metal with female vocals.

Free download! Excellent modern heavy metal with notes of prog and varying vocal styles.

Modern heavy metal in the vain of Soilwork, but more melodic. Even has Soilwork guest appearance.

Gothic metal with female operatics from Russia. Nothing new, but still entertaining.

[the end.]

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