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“I'm not searching the sky for a reason to live,
Cause I found beauty right here and found the passion to give,
So let me give you my heart, let me give you my tears,
Let me give you my life, let me give you my fears.”
-The Amity Affliction "Open Letter"

"It's like there's cancer in my blood,
It's like there's water in my lungs,
And I can't take another step,
Please tell me I am not undone.
It's like there's fire (under) my skin,
And I'm drowning from within,
I can't take another breath,
Please tell me I am not undone.”
-The Amity Affliction "Pittsburgh"

"So sacrifice yourself,
And let me have what's left,
I know that I can find,
The fire in your eyes,
I'm going all the way,
Get away please.
You take the breath right out of me,
And left a hole where my heart should be,
You gotta fight just to make it through,
Cause I will be the death of you."
-Breaking Benjamin "Breath"

"Look at the wake,
From the stardust pouring from your eyes,
It’s no mistake,
You are perfect,
You are perfect in my mind,
And you won’t fade away."
-Gemini Syndrome "Stardust"

"Am I worthless, am I filthy?
Am I too far gone for a remedy?
Will You help me, 'cause I'm dying
To be something more than a memory
If I reach out, can I trust You?
Will You help me see the light of one more day?
Take the bullets away!"
-We As Human "Take The Bullets Away"

[the end.]

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