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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Revel In Dimes, Rosie, Samiam, Sea Of Storms, Park Sparrows, Plini, Mendel, Angel Vivaldi, We Are The Catalyst, Recode The Subliminal, Logical Terror, I Built The Sky, Illumina A.D., Hemina, Blackthorn, and Metamorphestra

Today’s menu?

Soul rock’n’roll.

Melodic punk-edged modern rock from Berkeley, California.

Free download! Punk-edged indie modern rock from RVA.

Free download! Punk rock, plain and simple, and from RVA.

One of the best in ambient djent. Hands down.


Shred guitar.

Excellent modern metal with female vocals.

Free download! Excellent modern heavy metal with notes of prog and varying vocal styles.

Modern heavy metal in the vain of Soilwork, but more melodic. Even has Soilwork guest appearance.

Gothic metal with female operatics from Russia. Nothing new, but still entertaining.

[the end.]

Friday, October 21, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One, X-Men Logan, Mianus, Metamorphestra, John Wesley, Myatan, Fire Garden, Brain Tentacles, and Windtrails

Today’s menu?

Each trailer gets better and better!

What a great spin on the genre.


This is even more awesome that you’re hoping it is.

Think Porcupine Tree without Steven Wilson. The result is heavy and glorious!

Melodic prog.

Melodic prog.

New RVA prog band comprised of veteran musicians, and it’s groovy.

Instrumental. Ambient. Djent. Guitar.

[the end.]

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Prophets Of Rage, Metallica, Tear Them Down, Hemina, Soul Solitude, Prognois, Guy Hatton, Watchtower, Diamond Mind, Blue Of Colors, and Andrew Rubin & Jon Anderson

Today’s menu?

Members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill. This is want we have been training for folks!

Second single from the new album and I’m hooked. I haven’t really enjoyed a Metallica album since ReLoad. But these new songs have the production and sound engineering of the black album and the Load albums; the fluid guitar of Justice and the black album; and Lars’ drumming hasn’t been this driving and dynamic since Justice. Cannot wait to hear the whole album.

Punk. Yes please!

This melodic prog-metal band from Sydney, Australia just gets better with each release.

Melodic prog-metal from Brisbane, Australia this time. Something delicious is brewing in this genre down under!

Very good melodic metal from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Incredible from instrumental prog-rock from a former member of Gold Frankincense & Disk Drive?

Straight-up rock with influences from garage rock and The Beatles.

Pop rock with hooks, hooks, hooks!

Some lite, but good indie rock for a change

And we close with just raw guitar talent.

[the end.]

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

NOFX, Brieg Guerveno, The Color Glass, Skyward, Vitne, Darrel Treece-Birch, and Sleep

Today’s menu?

The dynasty of punk continues. Album comes out October 7, 2016.

Prog-rock at the highest caliber! I cannot wait to hear this new album in its entirety.

This concept album left me speechless. Mesmerizing modern prog-rock.

Just damn good melodic modern rock.

Solid melodic hard rock, once again, from Oslo musician.

Instead of space-rock, how about water-rock?

Some claim this is the heaviest album of all time, and the only stoner album you need after Black Sabbath’s albums. Thoughts?

[the end.]

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Far Beyond, Gojira, Gemini Syndrome, Skarlett Riot, Calling Apolla, Stillstar Avenue, Barrel Cacti, Black Bear Tribe, Ebonivory, Death In Motion, Winfield, Devil's Dare, Cough, Major Kong, Barro, Centroid, Ni, Bangladeafy, Skyshells, Paradigm Shift, and Waker

Today’s menu?

Symphonic and melodic death-metal, done well!

I ignored their previous albums, but this album is unavoidable, regardless of which subgenres of metal you currently listen to. There’s everything for everybody on this monster!

Just simply love this band. Great balance of heavy and melody.

If you like older Coheed & Cambria, you will love this.

Free download! Melodic emo math-rock, a.k.a modern prog-rock.

Free download! Epic and heavy prog-rock with baritone vocals and 90s alt-rock sensibilities.

1979 to 1995 hardrock and heavy metal have been bottled up, shaken up, and crafted into vintage brew!

Exactly where modern prog-metal should be!

Modern metal at its finest!

Melodic modern hardcore with harsh and clean vocals.

1979 came into the future to make a heavy metal demo tape in 2016, and it’s awesome!

RVA doom band Relapse Records!

Free download! Instrumental hardrock. Slightly doomy, slightly sludgy, but very melodic.

Free download! Instrumental, proggy doom sludge.

Free download! One-man heavy prog instrumental band.

Jaw-dropping instrumental avant-garde prog-rock.

Free download! Instrumental, jazzy math-rock.

Proggy space jam-rock that’s kinda out there, but still melodic. I’m diggin’ it!

Neo-prog rock on Bad Elephant Music.

[the end.]

Friday, August 26, 2016

Metallica, Noble Lie, Strident, Within Silence, Utopian Trap, Crimson Wind, Widlerun, Dramatic Lunacy, Josh Kay, Tilted Axes, Wet Rabbit, Projection, Static Jacks, and Random Forest

Today’s menu?

Metallica is back with authority!

Free download! Hardcore metal with slight nods to prog and djent. \m/

First time in a long time that I have enjoyed listening to a melodic power-metal album from beginning to end. \m/

Excellent folk-metal with progressive and symphonic passages, plus mix of clean and rough vocals.

Free download! Guitar shred harkening back to the glory days of Steve Vai or Shrapnel Records. \m/

Timeless instrumental guitar. Previous 2 albums are free downloads!

Solid prog-rock from Netherlands.

Free download! Quality instrumental ambient post-rock.

[the end.]

Monday, August 08, 2016

The Vision Ablaze, Dusan Jevtovic, Xavi Reija, Secret Grief, and The Sunpilots

Today’s menu?

For fans of Pantera!

Free download!

Free download!

Free download!

Full in-studio concert.

[the end.]